Item collection 5743708 original Gallery hero 5743708 original

Table Chalkboard / Kitchen Chalkboard


Item collection 5705850 original Gallery hero 5705850 original

White Distressed Blackboard - Wood Chalkboard - wedding sign


Item collection 5705820 original Gallery hero 5705820 original

Rustic Chalkboard for desk/ Kitchen Chalkboard pad / Table Chalkboard Notebook style / wooden chalkboard


Item collection 5739970 original Gallery hero 5739970 original

Hanging memo chalkboard - Wood Chalkboard - Rustic Blackboard - back to school


Item collection 5705825 original Gallery hero 5705825 original

Table Chalkboard / Kitchen Chalkboard pad


Item collection 5705854 original Gallery hero 5705854 original

Reclaimed chalkboard for table menu / Desk Chalkboard / Rustic Decoration / Kitchen Chalkboard pad / Cafe Sign


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chalkboards and rustic home decor...

Hello and Welcome to Madera Nueve!

A touch of nature for your home...

Every piece is made by hand, by me, one at a time and carefully finished to bring pleasure to the hand and the eye, warm accents for your home or as a gift. Sustainably hand made from solid wood.